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When my husband and I received our pictures from our wedding, we were blown away! Paymahn exceeded all our expectations. His skill, creativity, and passion for photography was evident in each of our photos. He really took the time to capture the perfect angle, lighting, and moment.


During our shoot, he took the time to adjust lenses, lighting and positions to really enhance our photos.  We knew then, that he would do whatever it takes to produce the perfect picture, and that meant everything to us.


Each photo was full of so much emotion, love, happiness, and uniqueness. He really takes the time during editing to add enhancements and effects that turn an ordinary photo into a piece of art. We found ourselves saying over and over, “This is my favorite.” We literally loved them all! Even our friends and family who saw our photographs were completely stunned. All of them commented that our pictures were the best they had ever seen from a photographer.


Everyone also thought Paymahn, was a magazine photographer because of the way our photos looked and his talent! I can’t thank him enough for the amazing job that he did capturing our special day. We can’t wait to use him in the future for all of our special events!


-Kendell Leudtke

What can I say about this guy? He did an amazing job with my son Troy's senior portraits.


He is so creative and knowledgeable with his craft. He gives incredibly good instructions and he is just a general pleasure to work with. He turned the photographs around to us in a number of days and we were very satisfied with the results. To be frank he did an amazing job.


-Brent Campbell

Paymahn is friendly, professional and talented. I highly recommend him as a freelance photographer. 

I approached Paymahn when I was hired for a new job and needed a photograph for the announcement. I also wanted a new photo for my LinkedIn profile. Paymahn was great—he was very professional, and he made sure I was comfortable throughout the shoot. To top it all off, I had quality digital image files in less than a week.


-Chris Saylor

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